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Connect with your Infobase representative, meet with Steve Finch during the vendor breaks on Friday at 12 pm & 3 pm. Infobase's CSLA 2021 Meeting Room
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Steve Finch, K-12 National Sales Manager | (877) 346.2450 | SFinch@Infobase.com

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Infobaseis the esteemed provider of the Infobase Media Cloud and the Infobase Learning Cloud, which deliver award-winning multimedia reference content, online tools and technology, and professional development and training solutions to the school, academic, and public library communities. Enabled by such well-known brands as Facts On File, Learn360, Credo, The Mailbox®, Films Media Group, Bloom’s, Ferguson’s, and Vault, Infobase provides students, educators, librarians, and parents with the broad range of solutions they need to inspire, enable, and inform lifelong learners. For 80 years, Infobase has been a reliable, authoritative resource providing flexible options for accessing educational content whether in school, at the library, or at home. Want to Learn More or Try a New Product? Sign up for a free trial: www.Infobase.com/Trial

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Increase Student Success with Social & Emotional Learning
Developing SEL skills has been shown to improve attitudes and behaviors, increase academic performance, reduce emotional stress, and provide a solid foundation for achieving success in the workplace. It’s key to bridging our differences, fostering sound decision-making skills, and helping us connect with others in an authentic way. Infobase has resources that support SEL concepts and competencies—including training courses educators, students, kids, and parents; database and video products for the user’s own well-being and/or for research; career guidance tools; and more. Sign up today to access the content highlighted here and more.

Information Literacy Skills Are Crucial, Now More So than Ever!
Information literacy—including digital citizenship, news literacy, and identifying misinformation—is a lifelong learning skill and is vital to success in one’s personal, professional, and academic life. Learn how to improve your own skills and how to teach IL skills to your students. Gain access to our wealth of information on information literacy, including content for use in virtual, in-person, or hybrid learning, plus webinars, white papers, articles, and more. 

Infobase’s College and Career Readiness Toolkit for All Institutions 
What it means to be college and career ready is changing. And building a career, unlike finding a job, is a lifelong pursuit. Help students, job seekers, and job changers explore and plan for their career interests and develop general life skills. Skills learned today will go on to support them throughout their lives. Infobase has assembled resources for